Marriage certificate

admin / November 21, 2018

The compulsion of marriage registration under the parliament laws in India, every citizen is registering their marriage to show as a legitimate marriage. Wherever the marriage is registered at register office or sub register office or in court they issue a marriage certificate after a few days from the registration. The Marriage Certificate is more important which has a statement about two persons are married and in fact an evidence of the legal marriage.
In the year of 2006, the Supreme Court put an order to make the marriage registration mandatory as a defense of the women’s rights. This certificate is necessary for other uses that it may use as a proof while changing the surname of the party, applying for the passport to confirm the name changes, back account creating, other id proof applying, abroad moving, legitimacy child issues, divorce actions, and for some other reasons.
The Marriage Certificate is provided for all religious persons based on the marriage act. If the Indian person getting married a foreign person in a foreign country, as per that country’s rule, they provide the marriage certificate to the couple. So, without the marriage certificate in any country, one person can’t move any official works.